36 putzmeister

General Information

The Putzmeister 36 is one of the best selling models of trucks offered by Putzmeister. This is due to its incredible versatility & small footprint. equipped with a state of the art free flow hydraulic system, the Putzmeister 36 will outperform all others in its class.

Rod Side Output

144 yd³/hr (110m³/hr)

Rod side strokes per minute


Front Axle Weight

18,164 lbs (8,239kg)

Total Width

8′ 2″ (2.50m)

Truck Specs


Vertical reach 116′ 10″ (35.61m)

Horizontal reach 103′ 0″ (31.39m)

Reach from front of truck 94′ 10″ (28.91m)

Reach depth 78′ 5″ (23.90m)

Unfolding height 27′ 11″ (8.51m)

1st section articulation 104°

2nd section articulation 180°

3rd section articulation 253°

4th section articulation 225°

1st section length 27′ 11″ (8.51m)

2nd section length 24′ 11″ (7.59m)

3rd section length 24′ 11″ (7.59m)

4th section length 25′ 11″ (7.90m)

5th section length 31′ 2″ (9.50m)

Rod side output 144 yd³/hr (110m³/hr)

Piston side output 97 yd³/hr (74m³/hr)

Rod side pressure 1233 psi (85 bar)

Piston side pressure 1885 psi• (130 bar•)

Material cylinder diameter 9’ (230mm)

Stroke length 83’ (2100mm)

Rod side strokes per minute 21

Piston side strokes per minute 14

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