Concrete Line Pumping

For jobs with vertical access issues or have extremely narrow access, a Concrete line pump may be the machine you need. Or if you need a concrete pump on site for an extended period the rates of a stationary line pump will be of benefit for you.

We offer our line pumping services through south-east queensland from Brisbane to Gympie our pumps will blow you away!

Our fleet of concrete pumping boom trucks servicing the Boom pumping needs of South East Queensland

Part of the reason why Kaboom is the boom in the concrete pumping industry on the Sunshine Coast is that we have detailed and through safety and environmental plans for our operations for more information about our practise head over to our resources to learn more.

If you are interested in high quality, long lasting results that are delivered on time and budget contact us for you.

We make Sure your Concrete is as pumped as we are!

Kaboom Concrete Pumping has the experience and knowledge to get your job done right. We have been a part of the Sunshine Coast concrete pumping industry since our establishment.

We have experience on a large range of jobs from day-care to parking lots, to commercial high-rises. with our extensive fleet of trucks our booms will reach you!