47 putzmeister

General Information

The modern 47 Putzmeister is the definition of innovative engineering. ease of use with state of the art remote control systems is just some of the reasons why the 47 Putzmeister outperforms the rest of the field. the 47z is built with high-pressure pumping in mind, with the s-valve construction.

Total Width

8′ 2″ (2.50m)

Total Weight

77,385 lbs (35,102kg)

Truck Specs


Vertical reach 151′ 3″ (46.10m)

Horizontal reach 138′ 1″ (42.09m)

Reach from front of truck 128′ 2″ (39.07m)

Reach depth 105′ 8″ (32.21m)

Unfolding height 31′ 2″ (9.50m)

1st section articulation 91°

2nd section articulation 181°

3rd section articulation 180°

4th section articulation 245°

5th section articulation 234°

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